Tna Impact Fumbling Results From Last Night (12

Today the authorities fighter list for Season Six of The Ultimate Fighter truth tv program was released to the media today. As you understand by now, Matt Hughes and Matt Serra are going to be the coaches on this season with a fight in December at UFC 77 for the Welterweight Title on the line. There are some rumors walking around about this season's program, however we can inform you from the sneak peek that was seen at UFC 74 this past weekend that it appears like it's going to as soon as again be the craziest seasons ever. If some fighters are kicked out of the home for their antics, do not be surprised.

Punk is currently set face John Cena at SummerSlam on August 14th to determine who's the real champion as both males hold a version of the WWE champion belt. It's being rumored that Punk will lose to Cena and potentially fight with HHH.

Marquardt has actually been working his method back into middleweight title contention, and Maia is an undefeated fighter who has choked out everybody he has actually dealt with in the UFC hence far. Marquardt nevertheless represents his finest opponent, in addition to the majority of likely his greatest and greatest. The winner of this UFC 102 Couture vs. Nogueira bout is well on his way to a title shot versus Anderson Silva.

Thirty read more years earlier, in 1979, the WWWF ended up being WWF - World Wrestlemania Federation, and altered its owner to Vincent J. McMahon. In 1982, the ownership passes to his boy, Vincent K. McMahon, who began to broaden the WWF.

Well, that finishes up the outcomes for TNA's Bound For Splendor. I will be offering extra work for WWE, TNA, and ROH in the future, till then I thank you for reading.

~ John Cena versus The Miz was the night's centerpiece and the crowd was hot for half of it, but then genuinely passed away near the end of the match and even the result drew no response. Cena won with the STFU and then offered an Attitude Modification to R-Truth who faced the ring in a Scream clothing.

I hope Adrienne and her household have a sound and safe relocate to Europe. We both need to find out brand-new languages-- believe me, Florida talk and what my English instructor moms and dads taught me are two REALLY various things. They'll need to learn brand-new custom-mades and customs, financial systems, and definitely a brand-new lifestyle. But to me, the most important thing is that even if it's different, doesn't make it bad.

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